Friday, June 11, 2010

Just checking in on the thesis's still here! Lots of changes this year in the jobs of the teachers who started this blog...some have had some life changes. Me, I am still being allowed to teacher art, but with budget cuts the masters pay is helping me make exactly what I did make. Good thing I didn't do all that work just for the money...I did it for myself and for the kids I teach.
We can't bring ourselves to delete this holds some sentimental value...we created valuable friendships along the way, we created powerful women and artists along the way and we created new ways of thinking about many things in education and in our daily walks of life.
Welcome to our new follower...we are up to 5...amazing since this is just a blog created to represent a web site of sorts for our thesis project.
To all followers you are also welcome to beam over to and visit More Powerful Beyond Measure...a blog of random thoughts, blessings, art and junking.


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