Saturday, August 21, 2010

As I return to school and teaching, this is something I hope to remember throughout the year...ART, Where Every Child is a Masterpiece. There are times when I am rushed to finish a project and get the students out the door so the next group may come in the art room. Sometimes it feels as though I am herding cattle in and out instead of actually teaching art to wonderful students.  I feel my job is set the foundation for a life long love of art, as much as it is to teach them the standards set before me by my state. I am here to introduce my primary age students to art, to instill a confidence for making art in them, and to teach them the fundamentals of the art elements and principles. However, while doing all these things, I need to remember they are just children, and these are masterpieces I am creating. As long as we have fun, learn a bit and make some art we are successful! So hope all you art teachers out there have lots of fun this year and that you enjoy being with your masterpieces.

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